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The DMV practise exams comprise of questions based on the most important traffic signals and laws from the South Dakota Driver Handbook. To study for the DMV driving permit test and driver's licence exam, use actual questions that are very similar (often.. Read More

The DMV practise exams comprise of questions based on the most important traffic signals and laws from the South Dakota Driver Handbook. To study for the DMV driving permit test and driver's licence exam, use actual questions that are very similar (often identical!) to the DMV driving permit test and driver's licence exam.

Each question on the practise exam has a tip and explanation to help you recall the ideas. Questions about traffic rules, traffic signs, and driving statutes, as well as knowledge from the Driver Handbook, will be included in the written portion of the official South Dakota DMV test.

You must properly answer 20 of the 25 questions to receive a passing mark. Use the South Dakota Department of Motor Vehicles' practise exam to help you prepare for your instruction permit or driver's licence.

The DMV exam is offered in a variety of languages.

Using any form of testing help will result in an automatic fail, and the DMV may take further action against your driver's licence, so avoid it.

To Pass

1 . The best way to avoid a dangerous situation while driving is to:

Always be aware of what is happening around your vehicle. Constantly observing your surroundings to the front, sides, and rear of your vehicle will help you see problems that may require you to change speed or roadway position.

2 . Which of these statements is true about large trucks?

Large trucks take longer to stop than other vehicles traveling at the same speed. The average passenger vehicle traveling at 55 mph can stop within 400 feet. However, a large truck traveling at the same speed can take almost 800 feet to stop.

3 . When passing on the left of a vehicle, it is safe to move back into the right lane:

When passing another vehicle on its left, you may move back into the right lane when the headlights of the passed vehicle can be seen in your rearview mirror. Always signal before changing lanes.

4 . This yellow warning sign means:

This yellow warning sign means:
This sign is placed on roads near schools to warn drivers to slow down, drive with caution, and watch for children.

5 . If your vehicle starts to lose traction because of water on the road, you should:

When driving in heavy rain at speeds as low as 30 mph, your tires may lose all contact with the road and instead ride up on a layer of water above the surface of the road. This is called "hydroplaning." If your vehicle starts to hydroplane, slow down gradually and do not apply the brakes.

6 . You are entering a freeway. Check traffic on the freeway by:

When entering any roadway, you must be aware of traffic conditions. Use your side mirror and look over your shoulder to help you see and anticipate traffic when entering a freeway.

7 . When you see a flashing yellow light at an intersection, you should:

A flashing yellow light at an intersection indicates that drivers should slow to a safe and reasonable speed and proceed with caution.

8 . How many alcoholic drinks does it take to affect your driving ability?

It is not advisable to drive after drinking any amount of alcohol. Even a single drink will affect your ability to drive safely.

See the exact questions that will be on the 2024 South Dakota DMV exam.

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2024 South Dakota | Frequently Asked Questions

To obtain a driver's license in South Dakota, you need to provide proof of your identity, age, and social security number. You must also provide two documents proving your South Dakota residential address. If you're under 18, parental consent is required. Lastly, you must pass a vision test, knowledge test and a driving skills test. Fees apply for licensing and testing.
In South Dakota, the cost to acquire a driver's license is $28. This fee includes both the instruction permit and the operator's license. If you need to take the knowledge test or driving skills test more than once, additional fees may apply. Note that fees are subject to change and it's always a good idea to verify current costs.
In South Dakota, you can get an instruction permit at 14 years old, which allows you to drive with a licensed adult in the vehicle. At 16 years old, you can apply for a restricted minor's permit. After holding this permit for six months, or upon turning 18, you can apply for a full operator's license.
When applying for a driver's license in South Dakota, you need to provide proof of identity (like a birth certificate or passport), proof of social security number (like a social security card or W-2 form), and two proofs of South Dakota residential address (like a utility bill or lease agreement). If applicable, you also need proof of legal presence and name change.
To arrange a driving test in South Dakota, you need to contact your local Department of Public Safety. You can schedule your appointment over the phone or in-person. Some locations may also allow online scheduling. Remember to bring your instruction permit and any other required documents to your appointment. Check with the DPS for specific requirements in your area.
To get a learner's permit in South Dakota, you must be at least 14 years old. First, study for the written test using the South Dakota Driver's Manual. Then, visit a DPS location with a parent or guardian, provide proof of identity, residency and social security number. Pass the vision and written tests, pay the required fee and receive your permit.
In South Dakota, if you're under 18, you're required to complete a minimum of 50 hours of supervised driving practice before taking the driving test. This should include at least 10 hours of night driving. These hours need to be logged and verified by a parent or guardian.
To prepare effectively for your driving test in South Dakota, familiarize yourself with the rules, signs, and laws in the South Dakota Driver Manual. Practice driving in different scenarios, including night and highway driving. Use the supervised driving time to improve your skills. Also, get comfortable with parking, reversing, and understanding road signals. A calm mind and confidence are key on test day.
Common driving test errors to avoid include not checking mirrors frequently, failing to signal when changing lanes or turning, not coming to a complete stop at stop signs or red lights, speeding, and not yielding to pedestrians. Also, remember to keep both hands on the wheel and stay calm. Practice defensive driving and familiarize yourself with the vehicle you'll use for the test.
Yes, you can use your personal car for the driving test in South Dakota. However, it must meet all state safety standards, have a current registration and proof of insurance. Also, it must have working seat belts, lights, and horn. Remember to remove any obstructions from the windows and mirrors before the test.
If you don't pass the driving test in South Dakota, you'll need to wait at least one day before retaking it. If you fail three times, you must wait 180 days before attempting again. There may be additional fees for retesting. It's recommended to practice more and address the areas of weakness identified during the failed test before retaking it.
Yes, South Dakota has specific rules for newly licensed drivers under 18, known as the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program. It includes restrictions like no driving between midnight and 5 am, no more than one passenger under 18 (unless family), and no use of electronic devices. After holding an instruction permit for 180 days, these restrictions apply for six months or until the driver turns 18.
No, there isn't an online option for applying for a driver's license in South Dakota. You must visit a South Dakota Driver Licensing location in person to apply. Remember to bring the necessary identification documents, proof of residence, and your Social Security number. Also, you'll need to pass the knowledge test, vision test, and driving test.
Whether you can drive in another state with a South Dakota learner's permit depends on that state's laws. Some states honor out-of-state learner's permits, while others do not. It's best to check with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the state you plan to drive in to confirm their rules before you go.
In South Dakota, a standard operator's driver's license is valid for five years. However, the expiration date is set on your birthday. So, the actual validity may be slightly less or more than five years depending on when you renew relative to your birth date. It's important to renew your license before it expires to avoid penalties.
Yes, in South Dakota you can renew your driver's license online if you meet specific criteria. You must be a U.S. citizen, your previous renewal must have been done in person, and your license must not be expired, suspended or revoked. You also cannot have any changes to your vision or medical condition since your last renewal.
International students or foreign residents in South Dakota must first obtain a Social Security Number or a letter of ineligibility. They should then gather necessary identification documents and proof of residency. After passing a vision test, knowledge test, and driving skills test at the DMV, they can receive their South Dakota driver's license.
A driver's license allows you to operate a vehicle independently, at any time, and anywhere within the state. A learner's permit, on the other hand, is issued for learning purposes and comes with restrictions. In South Dakota, permit holders under 18 can only drive from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. with a licensed adult in the vehicle.
Yes, there are vision-related prerequisites for obtaining a driver's license in South Dakota. You must pass a vision test with a visual acuity of at least 20/40 in one or both eyes. If corrective lenses are required to achieve this level, a restriction will be placed on your license requiring you to wear them while driving.
Yes, you can use a rental vehicle for the driving test in South Dakota. However, the name on the rental agreement must match the name of the person taking the test. Also, the vehicle should meet all safety requirements and you must show proof of insurance at the time of your test.
In South Dakota, if you fail your driving test, you must wait at least one day before retaking the test. This allows you time to practice and improve your driving skills. It's recommended to focus on the areas where you had difficulty during your first attempt. Remember, practice is key to passing the driving test.
To take the DMV written test in South Dakota, you need to present a primary identification document like a certified birth certificate or passport, and a secondary identification document such as a social security card. If you're under 18, you also need a parental consent form. Proof of South Dakota residential address is also required.
Yes, the South Dakota DMV written test can be taken in languages other than English. The test is available in multiple languages to accommodate non-English speakers. However, it is advisable to contact your local DMV office beforehand to confirm the availability of the test in your preferred language.
In South Dakota, if you fail the DMV written test, you have to wait one day before you can retake it. This gives you time to study the areas where you struggled. There's no limit on how many times you can retake the test, but a retesting fee may apply after the third attempt.
In South Dakota, if you fail the DMV written test, you are required to wait a minimum of one day before retaking the test. This waiting period allows you time to study and improve on the sections you had difficulty with during your initial test.

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See the exact questions that will be on the 2024 South Dakota DMV exam.