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Train for FREE online with our Colorado class A license test. The official exam test consists of several obligatory parts, with all of them checking your knowledge of different blocks of road rules. If you need to obtain a CO CDL class A permit in 2024, practice as much as.. Read More

Train for FREE online with our Colorado class A license test. The official exam test consists of several obligatory parts, with all of them checking your knowledge of different blocks of road rules. If you need to obtain a CO CDL class A permit in 2024, practice as much as possible. Free sample tests published on our website will help you check and improve your knowledge and boost your grades. Please bear in mind that CDL class A requirements may vary from state to state.

Today is your chance to put all you've learned from studying the Colorado Commercial Driver License Manual to the test. You'll be able to answer questions modelled after those on the real exam on anything from adequate emergency equipment to drunk driving regulations and backing procedures. There are multiple answers to each of the 50 questions, as well as a clue and explanation. Reading the explanation thoroughly will help you answer more questions on the topic on the actual exam day. Good luck, and remember that practise makes perfect, so keep trying until you achieve your goal.

Ideal for: 

  • CDL holders who want to add endorsements to their licence
  •  First-time CO CDL and CLP applicants
  • Applicants for CDL renewal in CO

On the actual CO CDL exam:

  • There's 50 questions
  • To pass, you must get 40 right answers 
  •  80% passing score
To Pass

1 . What does the air compressor governor do?

Controls the temperature of the air leaving the air storage tanks. In an air brake system, the air compressor governor controls when the air compressor pumps air into the air storage tanks.

2 . A vehicle stopped at a green light may indicate that the driver:

Is very patient. It is important to observe other drivers' actions and identify clues that a person could be driving impaired. Drivers who have had too much to drink, are sleepy, are on drugs, or are ill can present hazards to other drivers. One sign that a driver may be impaired is that they stop in inappropriate places, such as at green traffic lights.

3 . If driving a truck that requires a CDL for operation:

You are only required to wear a seat belt when driving a tank trailer. For safety, you must wear your seat belt at all times while operating a CMV.

4 . Be sure you are always driving so your vehicle can stop:

Immediately. Always be sure that you are driving in a manner that will allow your vehicle to come to a complete stop, if necessary, within the area of the road ahead that you are able to see.

5 . A tank endorsement is:

Optional when transporting hazardous materials. In general, a tank endorsement is required to a drive tank vehicle used to transport liquids or gases. This applies to both hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

6 . Poisonous fumes can enter the cab due to:

Under-inflated tires. Defects in an exhaust system are very dangerous because they can cause poisonous fumes to enter the cab or sleeper berth.

7 . Dry bulk tanks:

Cannot be driven on interstates. Dry bulk tanks require special care when being driven because they have high centers of gravity. Drivers should also be careful because the materials being carried can easily shift in transit, causing a change in the vehicle's handling.

2024 Colorado | Frequently Asked Questions

To secure a CDL Bus endorsement in Colorado, you must first have a valid Commercial Driver's License (CDL). Next, pass the Passenger Vehicles Endorsement Knowledge Test and the School Bus Endorsement Knowledge Test. Finally, pass a driving skills test in the type of school bus you wish to drive. All tests are administered by the Colorado DMV.
To obtain a CDL Bus license in Colorado, you need to have a valid driver's license, pass a medical examination, and complete a CDL application. After that, you must pass the General Knowledge Test and the Passenger Transport Test. Finally, you will need to pass a skills test in a vehicle similar to the one you'll be driving.
Yes, specific training is necessary for a CDL Bus endorsement in Colorado. Applicants must complete a commercial driver's license training course that includes both classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction. Additionally, they must pass written and skills tests specific to the type of bus they wish to drive, demonstrating knowledge of safety procedures and handling.
CDL Bus licenses fall under three main classes in Colorado: Class A, B, and C. Class A is for any combination of vehicles with a Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) of 26,001 lbs or more. Class B is for a single vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 26,001 lbs or more. Class C is for vehicles designed to transport 16 or more passengers (including the driver), or hazardous materials.
No, you cannot use your personal vehicle for the CDL Bus driving test in Colorado. The test must be taken in a vehicle that matches the class and type of the CDL you are applying for. In this case, you must take the test in a commercial bus similar to the one you plan to drive professionally.
The CDL Bus driving test evaluates a variety of skills. These include pre-trip vehicle inspection, basic vehicle control (backing, turning, and stopping), and on-road driving, which involves lane changes, highway driving, and interaction with traffic. Additionally, specific bus operation skills such as loading/unloading passengers, railroad crossing procedures, and emergency exit procedures are also assessed.
Yes, in Colorado, to obtain a CDL Bus endorsement, applicants must pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exam. This test evaluates vision, hearing, blood pressure, and checks for conditions like diabetes and epilepsy. Applicants must also be free from any physical or mental condition that might affect their ability to safely operate a commercial vehicle.
No, it's not permissible. In Colorado, as in all U.S. states, a valid Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with a Passenger (P) endorsement is required to legally transport passengers in a commercial vehicle. Driving without the appropriate license or endorsement can lead to serious penalties including fines and suspension of driving privileges.
You can add a CDL Bus endorsement to your existing Commercial Driver's License in Colorado. It's not necessary to apply for a new license. However, you will have to pass the Passenger Transport Test, and in some cases, a skills test in the type of vehicle you wish to drive. Always check with your local DMV for specific requirements.
Yes, there are restrictions for drivers with a CDL Bus endorsement in Colorado. Drivers must not have any serious traffic violations within the past two years. They're also required to maintain a clean driving record, pass regular physical exams, and comply with drug and alcohol regulations. Violating these can result in temporary or permanent loss of the endorsement.

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