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Train for FREE online with our Rhode Island class A license test. The official exam test consists of several obligatory parts, with all of them checking your knowledge of different blocks of road rules. If you need to obtain a RI CDL class A permit in 2023, practice as much as.. Read More

Train for FREE online with our Rhode Island class A license test. The official exam test consists of several obligatory parts, with all of them checking your knowledge of different blocks of road rules. If you need to obtain a RI CDL class A permit in 2023, practice as much as possible. Free sample tests published on our website will help you check and improve your knowledge and boost your grades. Please bear in mind that CDL class A requirements may vary from state to state.

Rhode Island is committed to assisting businesses in operating efficiently while also ensuring the safety of roadways. Both of these efforts require commercial drivers, which makes Rhode Island an excellent spot to earn your CDL. Today, you'll get the opportunity to become a safer driver by completing a practice exam where you'll answer 50 multiple-choice questions in preparation for the CDL written exam. These questions are based on information from the Commercial Driver License Manual of the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles, as well as state and federal statutes. You'll go through everything from backing your vehicle securely to the repercussions of drunk driving for CDL holders. Read the explanations for each question carefully, as they may assist you in answering questions correctly on the real written test, and use the tips as needed to acquire correct answers. Practice as often as you want until you're entirely acquainted with the content and good luck on your CDL examinations!

Ideal for: 

  • CDL holders who want to add endorsements to their license
  • First-time RI CDL and CLP applicants
  • Applicants for CDL renewal in RI

On the actual RI CDL exam:

  • There are 50 questions
  • To pass, you must get 40 right answers 
  • 80% passing score
To Pass

1 . The center of gravity in a trailer should be:

The weight of cargo in a vehicle should be distributed as low as possible. Having a center of gravity that is too high will increase the risk of a rollover.

2 . An encroachment is when:

An encroachment during the basic vehicle control skills test is when an exercise boundary line is touched or crossed by any portion of the applicant's vehicle. Every encroachment will be counted as an error.

3 . If a vehicle's Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is malfunctioning:

An Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) intervenes to reduce brake pressure if there is a risk of wheel lockup. If the ABS isn't working, the vehicle's basic braking functions are not affected. A driver should continue to drive and brake in a normal manner.

4 . How can a driver maintain alertness while driving?

Eating heavy foods before driving or keeping the temperature in a cab too high can cause a driver to become drowsy while behind the wheel. Exercising and maintaining a healthy diet will help a driver to stay alert while driving.

5 . When backing with a trailer:

When backing, you should pull forward to reposition your vehicle whenever needed. Drift should be corrected immediately by turning the steering wheel in the direction of the drift.

6 . Poor weight balance:

Poorly balanced loads can lead to unsafe handling. It is important to properly distribute the weight of cargo when loading a vehicle.

7 . In very hot weather, tires should be checked regularly because:

Because air pressure increases with temperature, you should pay special attention to the tire mounting and pressure when traveling in hot weather.

2023 Rhode Island | Frequently Asked Questions

To secure a CDL Doubles/Triples endorsement in Rhode Island, you must already possess a valid commercial driver's license (CDL). Then, study the specific material related to doubles/triples operation in the CDL manual. After preparing, schedule and pass the written doubles/triples endorsement test at a Rhode Island DMV location. Remember, driving skills test isn't required for this endorsement.
To obtain a CDL Doubles/Triples license, you must first possess a valid Commercial Driver's License (CDL). You then need to study the specific sections of your state's CDL manual related to operating doubles/triples. After studying, you must pass the written endorsement test at your local DMV. No specific skills test is needed for this endorsement.
While no specific experience or on-road training is legally required for a CDL Doubles/Triples endorsement, you must already hold a valid Commercial Driver's License (CDL). Studying the relevant sections in the CDL manual and understanding how to safely operate these vehicles are crucial. Passing the state's written endorsement test at the DMV is required to obtain the endorsement.
Yes, in Rhode Island, extra written tests or exams are mandatory for the CDL Doubles/Triples endorsement. To obtain this endorsement, you must pass a written test specifically designed to assess your knowledge and understanding of the safe operation of vehicles with multiple trailers. It is important to study and prepare for this additional test to successfully obtain the endorsement.
There is no specific skills test or maneuvers required for the CDL Doubles/Triples endorsement. The process involves a written knowledge test only. This test covers topics like coupling and uncoupling, inspecting doubles and triples, and managing the vehicles on the road. However, being proficient in these skills is beneficial for safely operating such vehicles.
No, it's not permissible. In Rhode Island, as in all U.S. states, drivers must hold a valid Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with a Doubles/Triples endorsement to legally operate double or triple trailers. Operating these vehicles without the proper license and endorsement can result in heavy fines and legal penalties.
In Rhode Island, you can append the CDL Doubles/Triples endorsement to your current license. You do not need to initiate a new application. To add the endorsement, you will need to pass the required written test and pay the applicable fees. Once you have successfully obtained the endorsement, it will be added to your existing CDL license.
Yes, there are limitations. A CDL Doubles/Triples endorsement allows you to operate vehicles with more than one trailer, but the total length of the vehicle combination must not exceed 100 feet in Rhode Island. Additionally, drivers must adhere to all weight restrictions and safety regulations. Violations can result in fines, license suspension, or revocation.
In Rhode Island, the maximum length for any combination vehicle is 100 feet. The maximum weight depends on the number of axles and spacing between them, but it typically does not exceed 80,000 pounds. However, specific routes may have lower restrictions. Always check local regulations before driving a double or triple trailer.
Yes, there are specific safety guidelines and regulations for driving double/triple trailers with a CDL Doubles/Triples endorsement in Rhode Island. These include maintaining proper spacing between trailers, adjusting driving techniques to account for increased length and weight, adhering to weight restrictions, and following specific procedures for coupling and uncoupling trailers. It is important to familiarize yourself with these guidelines to ensure safe operation of double/triple trailers.

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