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This California DMV practice test includes 36 of the most vital road signs and rules questions taken directly from the official California Driver Handbook for.. Read More

This California DMV practice test includes 36 of the most vital road signs and rules questions taken directly from the official California Driver Handbook for 2023. Use genuine questions that are very similar (often identical!) to the DMV driving permit practice test and driver's license exam to prepare for the DMV driving permit test and driver's license exam.

To help you recall the topics, each ca dmv practice test question includes a hint and explanation. The written component of the official DMV test will consist of questions about regulations of the road, traffic signs, and driving statutes, as well as information from the Driver Handbook.

To get the required 83 percent passing score to be allowed to pass, you must correctly answer 38 out of 46 questions (or 30 out of 36 if you are over 18). Use this DMV practice exam to help you prepare for your California instruction permit or driver's license.

How does it work?

California residents using any form of testing help during the test will result in an automatic failure, and the DMV may take further action against your driving permit, so please don't cheat.


Ideally suited for: 

  • California Driver’s License
  • Driver's Learner Permit in California
  • CA Refresher Test for Senior Citizens CA 
  • CA Driver’s License Renewal

What to expect on the CA DMV exam:

  • 36 questions
  • To pass, you must have 30 accurate answers.
  • a passing grade of 83%
  • The minimum age to apply;15 ½



19 . To turn left from a one-way street with multiple lanes onto a two-way street, start the turn in:

When making a left turn from a one-way street onto a two-way street, start from the far left lane.

20 . A flashing yellow traffic signal at an intersection means:

A flashing yellow signal means "proceed with caution." You should slow down and be alert before entering the upcoming intersection and must yield to any pedestrians, bicycles, or vehicles in the intersection; however, you do not have to stop.

21 . You are driving on a freeway with a posted speed limit of 65 mph. Traffic is traveling at 70 mph. You may legally drive:

On most California highways, the maximum speed limit is 65 mph. You may drive at 70 mph only if the speed limit is posted as such.

22 . This sign means:

This sign means:
Signs with a red circle and diagonal line over a black symbol indicate that the action represented by the symbol is prohibited. In this case, the sign indicates that left turns are prohibited.

23 . Placard abuse will result in:

Abuse of a disabled placard or plate is a misdemeanor. Placard abuse can result in the loss of special parking privileges, a fine of up to $1,000, and up to six months of jail time.

24 . You are approaching an intersection at the posted speed limit when the signal turns yellow. You should:

A solid yellow light means "caution" and signals that the light will soon turn red. You should stop at a solid yellow light if you can do so safely; otherwise, you should cautiously cross the intersection.

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