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1 . This road sign means:

This road sign means:
Slow down, be prepared to stop, and, if necessary, yield the right-of-way. This type of triangular sign means drivers must yield. You must slow down as you come to an intersection marked with this sign and be prepared to stop. Let any other vehicles, bicyclists, or pedestrians pass safely before you proceed.

2 . When approaching a blind intersection, riders should:

When approaching a blind intersection that is controlled by a stop line or stop sign, you must first stop where indicated. You may then edge forward and stop again just short of where the cross traffic lane meets your lane. From that position, lean your body forward and look around buildings, parked cars, or bushes to see if anything is approaching. Make sure your front wheel stays out of the crossroad while you are looking.

3 . When a lead rider extends their left arm straight out with their palm facing up before swinging their arm upward, it means:

Hand signals are an important part of communication when riding in groups. When the lead rider extends their left arm straight out with their palm facing up before swinging their arm upward, it means riders should increase their speed.

4 . When riding a three-wheeled motorcycle, you should stay in:

Unlike when riding a two-wheeled motorcycle, you are limited in lane positioning when riding a three-wheeled motorcycle. Keep toward the center of the lane to be sure your wheels do not cross the painted lines into opposing traffic.

5 . If you borrow a motorcycle, you should:

All motorcycles are at least somewhat different. Before riding a motorcycle that is new to you, take the time to learn where all of the controls are. Ride the motorcycle in a controlled area to get used to it before taking it out on the road.

6 . Swerving a motorcycle:

Should be done to avoid a hazard on a slippery road. Swerving is a quick maneuver that requires a lot of traction in order to be safely executed. Making sudden moves, such as swerving, on slippery surfaces should be avoided.

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