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1 . If no traffic is present when you are taking a curve, it is a good idea to start:

If no traffic is present when you are taking a curve, start on the outside of the curve to increase your line of sight and the effective radius of the turn. As you turn, move toward the inside of the curve. As you pass the center of the curve and prepare to exit, move back toward the outside position. Remain aware of changing road and traffic conditions and adjust as necessary.

2 . A person with a minimum blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of ______ is considered legally intoxicated.

0.1 percent A person who is age 21 or older with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher is considered legally intoxicated. It is illegal and dangerous to operate any motor vehicle while intoxicated.

3 . Mirror checks should be done:

Frequent mirror checks should be part of your normal searching routine. Additionally, make a special point of using your mirrors before changing lanes, when stopping at an intersection, and before slowing down.

4 . In addition to hazardous road conditions, riders should search for:

Riders should continually scan ahead of, to the sides of, and behind their motorcycles. They should look for hazardous road conditions as well as traffic that could become hazardous.

5 . The primary source of information about your motorcycle should come from:

A motorcycle enthusiast. The owner's manual should be your primary source of information about your specific type of motorcycle. Be sure to read the manual before operating your motorcycle for the first time.

6 . Whichever style of helmet you choose, you will get the most protection by ensuring that your helmet:

You will get the maximum protection from your helmet if it meets U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and state standards, fits snugly all the way around, and has no obvious defects.

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