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1 . Since most crashes happen in daylight, you:

Most motorcycle crashes happen in broad daylight. To make yourself more noticeable, wear brightly-colored clothing when riding, even during the daytime.

2 . While in a motor vehicle on a highway, it is:

NULL It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Neither drivers nor passengers may possess an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle while it is in operation.

3 . This sign means:

This sign means:
Flagger ahead. This sign indicates that there is a flagger ahead controlling traffic in a construction area.

4 . What could happen if a motorcyclist takes a turn too fast?

Riders often try to take curves or turns too fast. When they can’t hold the turn, they end up crossing into another lane of traffic or going off the road. Riders also often overreact and brake too hard, causing a skid and loss of control.

5 . What should you do to maintain proper control of your motorcycle while turning?

Come to a complete stop before entering the turn. To maintain directional control through a turn, you should look through the turn by turning only your head. Slow down before turning and lean your motorcycle in the appropriate direction.

6 . Scan the road ______ ahead of your motorcycle.

Search your path of travel at least 12 seconds ahead of your motorcycle. This will allow you to see and react to hazards before meeting them.

Wait, before you go

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