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1 . The best way to stay out of trouble while riding a motorcycle is to:

To avoid running into dangerous situations while riding, you should consistently scan the road well ahead of your motorcycle. Watch the road ahead to identify and react to potential hazards before meeting them.

2 . When your mirrors are properly adjusted, you should see:

Adjust your mirrors so you can see the lane behind you and as much as possible of the lane next to you. When properly adjusted, a mirror may show the edge of your arm or shoulder, but it’s the road behind you and to the side of you that is most important.

3 . If you need to react to a hazard in the road, do not:

To create more space and minimize the harm of any hazard, communicate your presence to other road users by using your horn, lights, and/or signals. Adjust your speed to be appropriate for the situation and adjust your lane position and/or direction of travel as needed.

4 . When riding with a group of motorcyclists, a staggered formation:

While riding in a staggered formation is generally advisable, a group of motorcyclists should switch to a single-file formation when riding in curves, turning, and entering or leaving a highway.

5 . When riding with a passenger, you may need to adjust:

It is a good idea to add a few pounds of pressure to your tires if you plan to carry a passenger. Also, adjust the suspension to handle the additional weight.

6 . Improper braking:

Improper braking is a significant contributing factor to many motorcycle crashes. Using a proper braking technique is an important part of riding safely.

7 . It can be difficult to ride right after it starts raining because:

Pavement can be particularly slippery after it has just started to rain. Oil from vehicles will have not yet washed away from the surface of the road, forming a slippery mixture with the water.

8 . If using saddlebags to carry a load, you should:

Saddlebags should be loaded with approximately equal weights. If a load is distributed unevenly between bags, it may cause the motorcycle to drift to one side.

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