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Take this FREE motorcycle test (license in ND 2021) to check your knowledge of the road rules. To improve your results, download a motorcycle handbook online, study theory, and practice for free on our website. Still worried about how to get a motorcycle license in North Dakota in.. Read More

Take this FREE motorcycle test (license in ND 2021) to check your knowledge of the road rules. To improve your results, download a motorcycle handbook online, study theory, and practice for free on our website. Still worried about how to get a motorcycle license in North Dakota in 2021? Check our website for more sample tests, train as much as possible, and boost your grades!

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1 . If your motorcycle is being chased by a dog, you should:

Approach the dog slowly, then speed up. If you are being chased by a dog, downshift and approach it slowly. Then, as you approach the dog, accelerate and leave it behind. If you encounter a larger animal, brake and prepare to stop.

2 . More than half of all crashes:

Involve riders who have operated the involved motorcycle for less than six months. More than half of all motorcycle crashes involve riders with less than six months of experience on the motorcycle being used.

3 . Compared to riding during the day, a motorcycle operator who is riding at night should do all of the following, except:

Tailgate other vehicles. To reduce the risk of a collision when riding at night, be sure to reduce your speed and increase your following distance. Use the headlights of vehicles ahead of you to see farther down the road. You should always be flexible about your lane position, especially when riding at night.

4 . When turning a three-wheeled motorcycle, you should:

Lean your body drastically away from the turn. When entering a turn on a three-wheeled motorcycle, you should decrease your speed and slightly lean your upper body in the direction that you intend to turn. Steer your front wheel toward the turn and accelerate gradually as you exit the curve.

5 . Before every ride, you should:

Make sure you can see your helmet in your mirrors. Perform safety checks before every motorcycle ride. Test your brake controls individually to make sure each one activates the brake lights.

6 . When choosing a helmet, you should ensure that it:

To get the best possible protection, choose a helmet that meets U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and state standards. It should fit snugly all the way around and be free of obvious defects, like cracks, loose padding, and frayed straps.

2024 North Dakota | Frequently Asked Questions

In North Dakota, to acquire a motorcycle driver's license, you must first apply for a motorcycle permit. This involves passing a written test. After holding the permit for two months and completing a basic rider course, you can take the motorcycle road test. Upon passing, you'll receive your motorcycle endorsement.
In North Dakota, the minimum age to apply for a motorcycle permit is 14. However, until you turn 16, there are restrictions. You can only ride during daylight hours, within 250 miles of your home, and not on interstate highways. At age 16, you can apply for a full motorcycle license after passing a road test.
Yes, you do. In North Dakota, if you plan to operate a motorcycle, you must have a motorcycle learner's permit or a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license. This requires passing a written test and a road test. It's important to note that the motorcycle learner's permit has certain restrictions, such as no passengers and no night riding.
To apply for a motorcycle driver's license in North Dakota, you'll need proof of identity, such as a birth certificate or passport, proof of Social Security number, two proofs of North Dakota residency, and if applicable, proof of legal presence in the U.S. You also need to complete an application form and pay the required fees.
Yes, in North Dakota, all applicants for a motorcycle license are required to take a written exam. The exam tests your knowledge of motorcycle operation, traffic laws, and safety rules. It's based on the information contained in the North Dakota Motorcycle Operator Manual. Passing this test is necessary to obtain your motorcycle permit or endorsement.
The motorcycle written test in North Dakota covers a range of topics related to motorcycle safety and operation. These include understanding road signs and signals, rules of the road, safe riding techniques, handling dangerous surfaces, carrying passengers and cargo, and dealing with mechanical problems. The test questions are based on the content in the North Dakota Motorcycle Operator Manual.
No, in North Dakota, completing a motorcycle training course does not waive the written test requirement. The written test is mandatory for obtaining a motorcycle permit. However, the training course can help prepare you for the written and road tests, and completion of the course may waive the road test requirement.
In North Dakota, you can enroll in a motorcycle training course through the North Dakota Motorcycle Safety Program (NDMSP). You can register online via the NDMSP website. The course typically includes both classroom instruction and hands-on riding instruction. Completion of the course can waive the road test requirement for a motorcycle license.
No, you don't have to own a motorcycle to take the license test in North Dakota. You can use any motorcycle that's properly registered and insured. However, make sure the motorcycle you use is in good condition and safe to ride, as it will be inspected by the examiner before the test begins.
Yes, in North Dakota, you can use a friend's motorcycle for the driver's license evaluation. However, the motorcycle must be road-legal, insured, and properly registered. Additionally, you must have a valid motorcycle permit or another licensed motorcyclist accompanying you to the test site.
Yes, in North Dakota, the motorcycle driving exam tests specific handling skills. These include your ability to start and stop, turn and swerve, execute quick stops, and navigate obstacles. The exam also assesses your understanding of traffic rules, road signs, and safety measures. You'll need to demonstrate these skills proficiently to pass the test.
In North Dakota, new motorcycle drivers under the age of 16 are subject to certain restrictions. They can only ride during daylight hours, must stay within 150 miles of their home, and cannot carry passengers. Additionally, they must complete a basic rider course before they can receive their motorcycle operator's permit.
Yes, your North Dakota driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement is valid throughout the United States. However, it's important to be aware that traffic laws and regulations, including helmet requirements, can vary by state. Therefore, ensure you familiarize yourself with the laws of any state you plan to ride in.
In North Dakota, helmet use is not required for all riders. However, it is mandatory for riders under the age of 18 and for those who are operating a motorcycle under a learner's permit, regardless of age. Despite this law, wearing a helmet is always recommended for safety reasons.
In North Dakota, there are two types of motorcycle licenses: a motorcycle operator's license and a motorcycle endorsement. The operator's license is for those who only want to drive motorcycles. The endorsement is for those who already have a driver's license for another type of vehicle and want to add motorcycle driving privileges.
Yes, in North Dakota, you can add supplementary endorsements to your motorcycle license. These endorsements allow you to operate different types of vehicles. To add an endorsement, you typically need to pass a written and skills test related to the specific type of vehicle. Fees for adding endorsements vary, so it's best to check with the North Dakota DOT for current rates.
Yes, in North Dakota, the Department of Transportation (NDDOT) provides the motorcycle license test in several languages other than English. However, it's recommended to contact your local NDDOT office beforehand to ensure the test is available in your preferred language.
To prepare effectively for the motorcycle license test in North Dakota, start by studying the Motorcycle Operator Manual thoroughly. Take online practice tests to familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions. Also, ensure you understand road signs, traffic rules, and safety procedures. Hands-on practice is crucial too, so practice riding a motorcycle under supervision to improve your skills.
Yes, in North Dakota, the Department of Transportation (NDDOT) offers the motorcycle written test in several languages other than English. However, it's advisable to contact your local NDDOT office in advance to confirm the availability of the test in your preferred language.
Yes, retaking is allowed if you don't pass the motorcycle written test in North Dakota. However, you must wait at least one day before retaking the test. If you fail the test three times, you will have to wait 60 days before you can try again. It's recommended to study the motorcycle operator manual thoroughly before reattempting.

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